software installer loop(?)



Whenever I try to install software from an OS X installer, at the point where it says "Optimizing System Performance...", the system seems to get stuck since my hard drive wont stop constantly reading and writing to itself. Anyone heard of this? Does it just take a long time the first time it says this? This happend during an installation of the Developer Tools CD.


its doing the update_prebinding to optimize the programs.

it can take a bit of time if you have lots of files. be patient young jedi.
update_prebinding runs for a pretty long time. There is also a bug where it will hang indefinitely if your hard drive has certain files on it with bad characters in their name. The chief culprit is an invisible file called (as I recall) "Aladdin User Information" or something like that, with NULL characters around it. If you make that file visible in ResEdit and throw it away, prebinding will not hang.