Software & OSX Clash



Hi there

Have just bought a G4 733 (OS X Installed) to replace G3 333 (OS 8.1)

When using Quark 4.1 and Photoshop 5 in OS X, System 9.2 quits when I am using some of these program's Quick Keys (OS X stays operational).

When I reboot with 9.2 and I am using the same program's Quick Keys those programs crash and then the System freezes.

Have reinstalled both programs but problem persists.

More HELP please.
classic is not a perfect... emulation of os 9.x

don't use quark in os x boot in os 9 whenever you have any serious work to do with apps that run there, it's safer, easier, and faster.

that's what i do, and that's my suggestion.

if it werent fot php and mysql ...and... the stability and automatic memo alocation thingie, i would no use os x at all.once golive and photoshop are on board, i't be there full time.

and this problem persisting in os 9.2? anyway, what are quick keys? you mean shortcuts?

plus, anytime recently, did you try doing a software update? to see if anything related was fixed?

and you really have to explain to me what quickkeys are kus i've used photoshop and quark and i have no probs, i'm writing this from os 9.2 and when it comes to statbilit it's as stable as 9.1 (which is definatley not better than os 10... [or x , for those that don't know that x means 10])

Yeah it's shortcuts.

I work alone on my Mac with a lot of PC users - terminology is my own.

It's gotten worse now! I can no longer access OSX.

I can fix that by wiping my system damn, if I must.

Back to Quark 4.11. When i quit FIND I crash. When I go too fast on the keyboard I crash. I do not have this problem on my home iMac with the same operating system and programs.

Should I wipe clean my computer?

I did not install OSX myself.

Thank you for your help.
before you wipe everything and reinstall it yourself, i suggest you check out apple support website to see if therte are any update, to my knowlege, i think that certain quick silver's came with os 9.2.1 installed already and then after, did apple release a downloadable 9.2.1 for the rest of the people, so maybe they are different, but it also sounds like a firmware problem, don't ask me what that is, i don't know, all i kno is that i used to have problems with my iMac shutting down without reason and rtandomly from while to whuile and all i know is that after a firmware update it got fixed. so, check for your software update, and then try to reinstall,

but here's another word of wisdom, this came right out an apple support employee's mouth :

"when you get a new system ALWAYS reinstall the operating system from the reinstall, or install cd"

because those sweat shop kids that install the software on every apple computer, are sometimes careless, or the system is outdated, i back to my old imac, i could not connect to the internet through the phoneline modem, then i installed the os from the INSTALL cd, not RESTORE, and it worked... so those may be single isolated cases like yours but they do happen, so that's all i can help ypu with, i don't have a quick sylver, and i installe dmy os myself, on my g4 (see specs below). and i do not have a problem at all.

i hope you fix yours soon, it sounds annoing.
Thanks Vic for your support.

Have finally got out a mag despite hassles so have been only able to wipe hard drive today.

It seems to be OK in fact beautiful.

After backing everything up on an external drive I totally trashed my system including invisibles and used system disks not the restore disks.