software restore


aah. after 2 days of not being able to get past the gray screen of death on my iBook, I have decided to restore all my software and just "start over"...however, because i cant start up my computer, the iBook wont start up while using the Software Restore Disks. It will start up with the Hardware Test, which shows nothing wrong...

How can I restore my software?
Although the hardware test doesn't show anything wrong, it still seems to me that if even the System Restore CD/DVD goes into a kernel panic, something's wrong with the hardware. If you can, try another RAM DIMM instead of the one installed now. Also, disconnect _everything_ but power from your iBook while trying to start from the Software Restore medium. Last resort: Try having it repaired.
By grey screen of death do you mean a grey screen with a
gear icon, or a grey screen with multiple languages telling
you to restart your computer?

Did you press and hold down the c key while trying
to boot to the software restore CD?

You can also press and hold down the option key on startup.
This will allow you to choose what volume to boot to.

If your iBook has been tossed around or bumped at some point, the RAM module could be loose - so be sure to check
and make sure it is seated properly.