Software to capture Xbox in-game video.


My PC friends are able to record video footage of games on Xbox, and I have no idea how. I don't mean just holding a camera to the screen.

Anyone know how I can do this?

Lt Major Burns

"Dicky" Charlteston-Burns
without trying to sound pedantic, why don't you ask them? they obviously already know the answers you want...


You can purchase any video tuner / capture PCI card ['Alchemy TV' ('') and 'Televio' (')], or the 'eyeTV 200' [''] and use the respective software.

If you want to play the game - still using a TV; as well as, record the action - you will require a TV coaxial splitter and two 75 ohm [RG-59] coaxial cables. Plug the existing XBox to TV cable into the splitters 'IN' connector, one of the new coaxial cables into an 'OUT' connector and to the TV. The remaining new coaxial cable goes into the remaining 'OUT' connector and to the PCI video capture / TV tuner card's or eyeTV's 200 'ANT' input connector.