Software Update is too determined to make you update something


One thing that annoys me is that if I have told Software Update to do automatic checks it will constantly bug me about a new version of iTunes (which I don't want or need - I don't even have a previous version installed for it to update) every time it checks.

I would like to have it make automatic daily checks so that I know when a new OS X update is released without it pestering me about iTunes all the time. Is it possible to make Software Update ignore something each time it does a check?
I wonder if you could put a receipt in the /Library/Receipts folder to make Software Update <em>think</em> you have already installed it.

Anyeone else already tried this?

It kinda seems to me that if you have "automatic checks" on, it should let you know that there are new versions of iTunes. If you don't want to see that, turn off the automatic checking and check manually, but don't blame the OS for informing you of what you've asked for - it doesn't know what you want to download and what you don't...

Just a thought -