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I was looking through my Library/Preferences directory, cleaning out orphaned prefs, and I saw an interesting file. It's called "Updatable Items," and has a Software Update icon. Perhaps other applications can make use of Software Update's features, and not just OS X, IE, etc. The file is kind of old, so I hope it isn't a leftover from the Public Beta days. You can take a look below; the screenshot is only about 60 KB.


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I see that file as well, but under 'Library/Preferences/Software Update', not just 'Library/Preferences'. It was last updated the last time I ran 'Update Now' but it is completely empty, so who knows the format...

There are, however, a bunch of things in its resource fork (ie, 'Software Update/rsrc'). In vi (it's a binary file) I see the URL of the update server, some update package names, and a bunch of paths.
Right after I posted, I noticed the copy in Library/Preferences/Software Update, but I think both of my copies are empty files. Weird.