Software Update Problem


Software Update can't be launched from the Apple menu. When I click on it, no response whatsoever. When I launch "About This Mac"
from the Apple menu, the Software Update tab is greyed out. Because of this problem, I get no notification when there are new updates available. I can, however, launch and utilize Software Update from System Preferences without any problem.
Anyone have any ideas about this issue? I'd like to re-enable the Software Update function in the Apple Menu without having to try an OS archive/reinstall.
I'm running OS 10.3.9 on a 17" Powerbook G4 1.5GHz
Hi Axxiom and welcome to the forum.
Did you repair disk permissions? Are you using several accounts?
Don't know if this is going to make you feel better, but there won't be many updates for your system anymore (left aside other mac software).
A security update every month or so is more than reason enough to keep running Software Update.
are there still such updates for 10.3.9? My ibook that is running 10.3.9 doesn't require any security updates for quite some time (>2 months I think).