Software Update Problems


In a sentence: where can I get the OS X 10.4 update patches without accessing the server? For some reason, my computer can't access the the server (among other sites). I need an alternate download site so that I can get the software update my computer needs (to resolve some possibly related troubles).

For what it's worth, I asked about my original computer problems here: I still can't seem to fix them.

I asked about my internet-related problems here: As for these, I have determined (by accessing the internet with a different ISP from the same computer, using a different computer to access my normal ISP, and trying things with and without the Airport base station) that the problem is not with my ISP nor with my Airport base station. Now, instead of giving me that POSIX error, it just times out. Pinging any of the affected servers comes up with 100% packet loss. The console if giving me frequent "natd[some number, it varies. Today it has been 206]: failed to write packet back (Permission denied)" messages.

This question isn't specifically about those issues, although any help would be appreciated. If the software updates do not work, I am resolved to reinstalling Tiger to see if that will help. I really would like to try the updates first, though!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!