Software Update


I own a PowerBook G4 17-inch with Tiger OSX 10.4.2. It is connected to the internet through the ethernet port and uses VPN. Safari and e-mail software work fine, however Software Update is nor working well. Sometimes, after a few seconds, I get a message that my computer is not connected to the internet, sometimes the progress bar remains stuck at the beginning. At other times the progress bar stops at the beginning without doing any searches.I tried to run Software Update both from the Apple Menu and from the System Preferences, always encountering the same problem. Can you help, please?
Does the VPN put you on a private network that has access to the internet via a set of firewalls and routers? If so, you'd have to contact the network admin to allow you to use the Software Update service. I'm not sure what ports it uses, but you'd probably find out by searching the web for "Apple Software Update ports firewall" or something...