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Can not update to the "official" OS X 10.0.1 as the Software Update Preferences tell me it can not make any connections to the internet despite the fact I am "logged" on. I down loaded Build 4L5 not too long ago and want to check if the "official" 10.0.1 is a newer build. But... if I can not update now, what about the future? Any suggestions?
Software Update tells me I am up to date already. I am not. Harrumph. Hopefully the official upate will be available through other methods than software update sometime soon...

Also, beware of running .pkg installers if you have ever installed anything on your Mac yourself, for reasons discussed here:

If you are reasonably Unix-savvy, you might be better off (and safer) finding the internal .pax.gz files, cd'ing to a 'safe' directoryand running:

sudo gzcat path/to/file.pax.gz | pax -r

and copy the resulting files into their proper places one at a time, manually, after examining them.
I was in the middle of updating from 4k78 to 4L12 and my modem disconnected [like it does 12 times a day]. I reconnected and tried to resume the download and it tells me that Software Update cannot connect to the internet. I tried changing it from automatic to manual, but that didn't work. Any suggestions are most appreciated at this point.
The official update is build 4L13. If Software Update is claiming that you are up to date then check your Receipts directory and delete Mac OS X 10.0.1 update.pkg (closest to this name) and it should let you download it. You may need to remove the software update 1.3.1 receipt as well.

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If you are getting the "cannot connect" problem even though you definitely have a live connection to the net, try doing "ping" in a terminal window to force a refresh of your DNS records, then try to make the SWU connection again.