Solar Backpack? Is it Practical for iPOD/cellphone users?

Would you buy a solar backpack? (under $100)

  • Yes!

  • No!

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I've seen several Solar energy backpack which can charge up your MP3,cellphone,and iPOD by using solar power and internal battery.
Does anyone have experience with those?
Would you buy one if the price is more affordable? Let say under $100 since most of the solar backpacks on the market are over $100.

I would like one since it will be very useful during trips ::angel::

any comments and suggestions?

Well, for one they are _not_ cheap. Plus charging stuff through it probably is quite slow.
Well, assuming they're below 100 USD and power all my equipment easily and recharge my stuff quickly: Why not... But I think it just ain't that way. (Yet.)
i saw a guy on the subway a few days ago with one of those. Nothing like a big sign on your back that says: "Technology inside! Please rob me!" :p