solved heat problem, sort of


my powerbook G5 has always run hot but last night I did something about it. It was about 140° as measured by a digital cooking thermometer taped to the underside of the hottest part of the PB.
I pulled up the activity monitor and noticed that a program called scanNotification was eating up 85-90% of my CPU% and when I killed that temps dropped 20° rather quickly. after some further investigation I found that it was some part of norton utilities run amok, spent more than a few minutes removing all traces of that program from my hard drive. Still running about 110° under my 15" powerbook, but I think I can live with that. thought I'd share. and let you know that an out of control program can really suck the heat out of your battery. BTW noticed battery life much improved after I killed norton. Also I have not noticed any fan noise coming from this computer, is there a way to check if mine is broken/not installed/not configured correctly, and how to fix it?
Mike in MD