Solving FCP4 to FCP5 upgrade issues/no firewire


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On the Volunteer Forum I had a poster solve this issue: How to Make FCP5 and QT7 play nice. He was having issues with his Sony DVCM-DA2 firewire, as it was not being recognized by his computer after updating from FCP4 TO FCP5:

On Aug 4, 9:24am Frank wrote:I posted my problem in the Mac support site and someone responded with the solution below which worked!!!!!!!!
Apparently its a QuickTime issue. Read below.

(I'm cross posting this to the FCP list because it is directly applicable to FCP as well as FCE. This has been a huge source of frustration to me, and I hope that this post will help a few people avoid that).

I was just walked through a repair procedure by an Apple Care person, and it fixed my camera recognition problems (I have a Canon XL1 and sometime after installing Tiger, then 10.4.1, various patches (including Quicktime 7.1) and the latest Desktop Video patch, I've been unable to use the camera with Final Cut Express, and attempts to capture would result in a FCE crash).

The workaround is to download Quicktime *manually*, after removing the "receipts" which indicate that it is loaded. Specifically, I was told to do the following:

1. Navigate to Library -> Receipts on your main drive (not from your personal folder).

2. Remove all files of the form QuickTime*.pkg, where "*" is a version number. E.g. QuickTime600.pkg, QuickTime650.pkg, Quicktime700.pkg and QuickTime701.pkg. This simply tells your system that those packages are not installed.

3. Go to and click on the "download Quicktime" link. DO NOT USE THE AUTOMATIC UPDATE UTILITY. Download QuickTimeInstallerX.dmg. Double click this file (probably on your desktop) and then invoke the installer by double clicking QuickTime701.pkg.

4. After your computer reboots, you should be able to restart FCE and see your camera.

I hope this works for you as well as it does for me. The Apple tech said this was the first case he'd seen for FCE, but that over the last couple of days, he'd had success with it for several FCP users.

I hope this saves some folks in the media realm some time and effort. :)