Some Applescripts Don't Work Under 10.4 ???



I just finished writing an AppleScript that will mount a network Win2K volume. Of course the server is running SFM.

The code is :
mount volume "afp://server_address"

no need to put a tell app "Finder"

The script works like a charm under 10.3.x

But when run from 10.4.2, I get nothing. Application bounces in the Dock once or twice, then goes away silently.( It goes away silently because I have try/end try in the script.)

I ran the code from within ScriptEditor and get an error code :

"File some object wasn't found."


thanx in advance.

-pat camporeale

the way I fixed this was as follows - for some reason - it doesn't like it in 10.4 if you don't specify a username..

set theUser to do shell script "echo $USER"

mount volume "VoulmeName" on server "serverIPorDNS" as user name theUser

this doesn't need to be in a Finder tell either - as some might suggest