Some Basic Questions...


I am due to overhual and resetup our G5 DP Tower OSX 10.4 Server at work.
-Its setup as a Standalone server.
-Running Mail server.
-Hosting Our Website (due to host through hosting company)
-File Server.
- filemaker server
- vpn for remote clients.

If I tell you guys/gals what i want to do and what I think can you confirm or correct me please.

i want to run it as a file, email server.
it will run filemaker server.

I want to get a shared address book and calender etc setup so I persume I will need to configure it as an Open Directory Master.

I want to set it up as our internet gateway, this currently runs through a very cheap belkin router thats patched into our switch.

I persume i will need an extra ethernet card and a decent ethernet modem.
the 2nd ethernet card is connected to the modem and the original card to the switch. is this correct?

im going to completely reinstall the server from scratch and add a 2nd drive to raid them together.

is there anything i should be aware of or have got wrong please confirm the above.

all/any help is very much appreciated.