Some Speculation I crossed upon...


Apple has had a drought of new stuff. Nothing really new and interesting has come out in the past few months, which is not unusual for apple to do. But every time they have done this they have had something very sneaky up their sleve(iMac, BW G3, G4). Some people say it's because Mac OS X just came out, but I don't think so!

Apple isn't just an iCompany, it's a different company. They always push the bar for PeeCees, and where the peecee has left off, Apple begins.

If you think about it, the iMac wasn't that suprising. There had been some Pc's in the past that have done something similar. One box shops with all the stuff built in and very cheap, although not much color. There was also the macintosh, but that doesn't really count, cause it wasn't in color and that was by apple.

Apple will play it like this: A new ad campaign about how macs are so much better than PC's, which leads to the unveiling of the ultimate netpliance, a computer so different it makes bill gates look clueless. This Netpliance would work and function like a real computer, none of that 'browser only' useless junk they sell at radio shack. It would run on an under powered OS X and it would be dirt cheap. It would be compatible with the airport, and would have usb, ethernet, a modem, and all the fixens built in. It would not have that much expandability to keep the price down. It would also be light and easy to move around, and durable so you could put it in the kitchen or bathroom.

So thats where I think apple is going, but once again, it's just speculation and I could be wrong.
hell, I want an iPad - 8.5x11 flat panel, 1280ish resolution, 24 bit color, AirPort, Newton handwriting recognition, OSX 'lite'

The perfect thing for Apple to be releasing in 2001 (for anyone that's seen the film)