Some things that aren't working in Panther


As an earlier post reported, the Palm Desktop installer is definitely not working for me. It gets near the end and fails. That's unfortunate because Palm is not famous for their speedy software updates.

Also not working for me, and sorely missed, are the multi clipboard tools PTH Pasteboard (menu icon still working but not the menus themselves) and CopyPaste (tried it out but acting strangely, renders "C" key non functional).

Also "Meteorlogist" not working right, icon not showing up in the dock. Gee, I guess I'll have to actually step outside to view the weather :)

Despite this, Panther runs wonderful. It makes my older G4-400 feel twice as fast as before.


Where mah "any" keys at?
Okay, time to start sending out the emails. Email all the developers of the faulty software and request kindly that they update their code. You may even get a response. ;)