Some weird Powerbook 667mhz issues - help?


1) The weirdest - whenever I apply any sort of pressure to the area around the trackpad (basically to the left or right or even on the trackpad itself), the laptop freezes up immediately - doesn't matter what I'm running or doing at the time. Boom, it freezes. A friend said this could be a cracked motherboard. I have no idea.

2) An intermittent problem (but an annoying one) is that when I wake up the computer from sleep (and I notice this when I flip open the lid), it'll wake up but the screen won't - in other words, I can hear the little noises the Powerbook usually makes, but there's nothing on the screen.

3) Sometimes after a freeze and restart, the Powerbook will beep and the little sleep light will flash. The beeping is in groups of 3 (boop-boop-boop...boop-boop-boop). The guys at Apple gave me this song-and-dance about the RAM not being in properly, but I've removed it and re-installed it about 20 different times - and they ran all their tests on the RAM to make sure it was good, and it was.

4) I even sent this thing to Apple for repairs - they claimed they replaced the logic board out of frustration, and that seemed to do the trick for a few months. Now I'm kinda screwed.

5) One other thing to note, which may or may not be relevant - I have one of those Titanium Powerbooks with the bad paint and bad case that sort of collapsed on the bottom right corner about the optical drive - not as bad as it sounds, but there's definitely give on that side and it dips down a bit.

Anyone with suggestions/explanations/help? I'd really appreciate it. I'm trying to figure out whether it's worth the money/trouble to get it repaired (whatever "it" is). Those cheap new iBooks are looking mighty nice these days.