Someone, please help! OSX to XP printer sharing...


I just bought an iBook after owning a Dell for several years. To make a long story short, I set up file sharing on these two machines but cannot, for the life of me, get my ibook to print to my printer (which is connected to my PC).

My ibook is connected to a wireless network I have. I have tried going from Printer Setup Utility -- More Printers -- Windows Printing, from there I can browse to "Home" (my network is divided into "Home", which is my PC and "Workgroup", which is my iBook) and select my printer. HOWEVER...when printing I get an error message that says: "NT_CANNOT_CONNECT_SERVER" and then I get a message that Samba can't connect either.

Strangely, when I browse and add my printer on my iBook, its host name is my iBook. Considering it's connected to my PC, shouldn't its host name be my PC?

Also, I browsed my entire network and saw that a printer had been created...under my iBook. But it's not even connected to it! I guess I've been somehow creating a printer under my iBook, even though I'm clearly selecting it under "Home", or my PC.

Confused yet? I'm at my wit's end at this point...