someone who can work with DNS


this mac network has blocked the DNS

preventing me from logging into AIM.. I wanna unblock it or get around it, i've tried working with proxies and it didnt work.. I know to block the DNS on windows but mac is different, I dont know how to get into the registry
There is no registry under Mac OS X.

Are you the systems administrator? Do you want to block for the Mac machines, or are you looking for a way around the block so that you can use AIM when your network admin doesn't want you to?

Your question isn't quite clear -- what exactly are you trying to do? You say that you know how to block DNS on Windows machines, but you want to UNblock it on the Mac? I don't quite understand... I think you're looking for a way around the block, but can't be sure unless you elaborate.
you're right I am looking for a way around the block.. I am not the sys. admin.

I just wanna get on aim, and I also think it's a firewall doing it, because when I try to play yahoo games it says a firewall has stopped me from loading the game
If just the DNS name is blocked, you can use or instead. Or try another server. In iChat, you can change the server or domain name in the Security pane of your AIM account in Preferences.

Another alternative is to use Jabber which allows you to use AIM accounts through the jabber server, without having to be connected directly to the AIM server.
Unless the IM server itself is using alternative TCP/UDP ports, there really isn't a way to get past it. I don't know if they have a web IM client similar to Yahoo, but that might do it since it would be foolish to block port 80.
ugh... well I got this wolfestien game, and it wont even bring up the servers I could connect to.. its this firewall