somewhat of a discovery


Simply Daemonic
Last night while I was CLIing through OS X trying to get packages installed via fink, I made an amazing discovery :D
You know the keys on newer mac keyboards that are for ejecting the CD-ROM ?

Well I discovered that older keyboards can do teh same with the F11 and F12 keys :D F11 to eject and F12 to put back in ;)

Wow, that's cool...I like the old keyboard, mostly just for the power-button.
Who's idea was it to make Apple Pro keyboards without the power-button??? And not putting an EJECT-button on the new PowerMacs???
I ordered the new keyboard for my Blue and White G3 as soon as I could. For a while, I missed the power button. A very short while. I don't spend much time in OS 9, so it's not very necessary. Besides, control-eject brings up the "Shutdown, Sleep, Restart, Cancel" message.