Sonic / Rio Receiver with 10.4 Tiger


Hi - the Rio Receiver (and its clones) is a nice little diskless box for streaming music from a central server over a LAN. It is similar in concept to any of the products made by slimdevices (slimp3/squeezebox/etc.)

The software bundled with the Rio is windows-only, and a bit of research into non-Windows software came up with 2 serious alternatives: 1) Jreceiver ( ) and 2) YARRS ( ).

I'm fairly proficient in getting Jreceiver (Java based) running on Linux, but I have not been able to get either to work under Maxosx (Tiger) on my new mini.

Before I go into a huge explanation of where I'm stuck, would someone who uses a Rio with MacOSX/Tiger kindly offer to help? I'm probably pretty close -- just waiting for a small breakthrough. Who knows, there might even be another software possibility that I just don't know about.

Thank you very much in advance.