Sonnet/Maxtor works! - but partitioning question...


Colonel Panic
I was very pleased indeed to discover that my Sonnet ATA66/Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 40GB combo was recognized and accessible with OS X final. Thanks Apple!!
(Im running a Yosemite G3/400 with 384 MB of RAM)

What I have done is to leave my Maxtor 40GB as my OS9.1 drive, erased the G3's original 12GB drive and installed OSX there. It was only after I'd installed that I started reading here about the 8GB partition limit.....?

Am I going to have problems since I have left the 12GB drive as a single partition?? If so, what sort of problems?

I am pretty sure that the 8 GB limit only applied to the public beta; I see no indication that OS X final has the same problem. I have not noticed any issue myself with a Sonnet/Maxtor combination.