Sonnet Tempo Bridge


Installed Maxtor 200 GB Ultra ATA drive using Tempo Bridge. I get kernel panic starting up from original hard drive, any CD including Tiger install, using safe start (shift) or single user, with all devices removed. Unhooking the Tempo drive setup allows the computer to start and run normally. I have run Disk Utility, Disk Warrior, TechTool Pro, and Apple Hardware test. Hardware tests OK.
I can access the new drive by running the G5 in target mode from my G4 Powerbook, it responds like it should with no noticable problems.
Bottom line: Can't start from G5 with Tempo/Maxtor installed, Tempo/Maxtor will mount normally on Powerbook with G5 in target mode. Any suggestions?
G5 Dual 2 GH, OS 10.4.2 , 1 GH ram. Adaptec USB PCI hub
Powerbook 1.33 G4, OS 10.4.2, 768 MB ram
Also, when restaarting or starting the G5, icons on the right of the Menu Bar won't work. In order to get online, I have to go to Network in Preferences. After dialing, the icons work fine. Huh?