Sony Clié

Sony Clié, Mac happy or Vaio baby?

  • Mac happy.

  • Near miss.

  • Mac wannabe.

  • Vaio baby.

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I picked up a Sony Clié peg-s300 from the discontinued self. Little did I know that I would need to find, pretty easily from Sony support, Missing Sync. I was an Anthropology major so go figure.

So far I am very happy with the way it works and Missing Sync's working with me. I tried Now Uptodate & Contact. Very good but not for me. I think I'll stick with palm desktop for now.

I am not even going to start to spend the time putting this on the G4. I use my old 8500/G3 as my mission critical machine and will wait until Palm and Apple release the update. I am hopeful that the mp3 accessory that Sony is selling comes down in price soon. It doesn?t have the media card reader that I have seen in a HandSpring mod.