Sony Ericsson K700i Isync



I have recently purchased a Sony Ericsson k700i on the understanding that it was isync compatible. As my ibook does not have bluetooth, I thought it would be a simple matter to sync through a USB cable, (DCU-11) but my ibook (running Mac OS 10.4) isync will not recognize the device. I believe that syncing is possible through blue tooth, but how can I sync through a cable. The driver software that came with the cable is only for PC. Is there any softeware out there that I can use to solve this problem.

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You can pick up a USB Bluetooth adapter pretty cheaply these days. I only paid £30 for mine and that was when the technology was new, they're around £10-15 now. That's probably the simplest option for you, because then you can use the built in software to transfer and iSync. I have a K700i and it works a treat with that (and my old T68i).

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