Sony Ericsson W800i compatibility with OS X


Can I transfer songs/ files from and to a SE W800i from an Apple (OS 10.4.2)?

Could someone please explain how I could do this if it is possible? (e.g. can i use a usb cable that se provide or do i have to buy one or do i have to buy a bluetooth dongle, etc.)



USB cable is supplied.

Download Dreamsicle, as well as K750i Grabber.

Dreamsicle is a friendly user interface, and the demo just limits how many songs you can transfer at a time (10).

K750i Grabber fixes a problem in which disconnecting the phone causes your mac to have a kernel panic.

I recommend this as the best method. You can view the phone's card via The Finder but this is easier.


i dont understand how dreamsicle works. it only moves folders onto my phone and doesn't actually move the files.


listen. i cant use dreamsicle. i want to transfer 57 songs to my phone.

when i drag the songs to my phone i get all these files called: ._(song name)

also, when i drag them, i cant choose the song thru artist. i can only do it thru tracks.

and it will take me ages to make all the folders (and then ill still have stupid extra files ._xyz!)