Sony Micro Vault Tiny 2 gb flash drive



I have loaded some iTunes tracks onto my Micro Vault Tiny from iTunes in my PowerBook G4, but cannot figure out how to remove the existing tracks from the MVT and replace with other tracks.

The MVT icon appears in the upper right hand corner of my desk top and in the left upper section of my Finder window.

If I CLK on the MVT icon in the Finder expecting to see a display somehow of the tracks there is nothing. Info on MVT indicates :
1) Capacity: 1.89 GB
2) Available: 1.65 GB
3) Used: 244 MB

Music plays off the MVT in my car Sony radio w/ USB port, but I see no way to activate the MVT tracks thru my computer.

I believe, but don't remember, that I loaded the music tracks currently on the MVT by creating a playlist in iTunes and then dragging it onto the MVT icon in the Finder column.

I searched Google including Sony support (none) for answers but could find none.

I am confidant that I have removed the MVT INcorrectly at least once.

Thank you for any help.
Either drag the contents to the trash and flush; or use Disk Utility to reformat.

ALWAYS drag externals to the trash can to unmount then before removal.

This is a late Thank You for your earlier assistance and an apology for not doing so until now.

Your advice and my detection of my own mistake solved the problem.

Thanks again,


I also have the same problem and followed your steps (eject the removable and empty trash), however, it is still *full*. Any other suggestions?

Either drag the contents to the trash and flush; or use Disk Utility to reformat.

I suggest using the second part of the suggestion (the Disk Utility part, eh? :) )

Anyway, you missed the sequence. Drag the contents to the trash, empty the trash, THEN eject the removable.
Hello all !

PS : I'm french,I try to speak the better I can ! Try to understand,good luck !

I've a problem with Sony Micro Vault 2GO !

I take music album on USB,
example 10 albums BUT only 8 albums can be read ,other don't appear ! (2GB is not empty)
Some musics don't appear too !!
AND last problem :

Name of my album are : 01,02,03...AND Sony CD Player read random ! I don't activate any random options !

Thank for help me!