Sonyericsson P910i + Mac


I have just bought a SonyEricsson P910i and was under the impression that it would be easy to sync it with my Mac.

When starting Isync (2.1) my Mac sees the mobile but can't sync with it. I then try to pair the two units but the mobile doesn't accept the passsword key (is that the term in English?).

I also read about something called iSync Agent that should be installed on the mobile unit. Is t installed from the start, in that case where do I find it, or should I install it myself?

What I should need is a step-by-step guide how to do this to make it work.

Well, the normal way would be that you go to the Bluetooth preference pane and set up a new device. After pairing, the setup assistant should allow you to choose all three options (use Address Book, use iSync plus internet connection). After that, iSync should automatically start and tell you that it sends the iSync Agent to the phone. Only after the software is installed on the mobile, you can use iSync to synch contacts and calendar details.

If one of the steps _doesn't_ work like this, it's getting complicated. And I'm not sure what the problems with this specific smartphone and iSync are...