Sorry - another External HDD problem


Hi guys sorry if this is a repeat but I'm in a major jam at work. I have Power PC G4 (OSX 10.2.8) and an external 200gb HDD and I need to urgently get data off my G4 and was hoping an external HDD formatted to Fat32 would work (as i need to be abe to read/write via PC and Mac). The HDD was formatted to Fat32 on a PC using Partition Magic and whenever I try and drag over folders it gets to about 1.5gig (really slow) then hangs and gives me an error message:

"Sorry the operation could not be completed because an unexpected error occured -50".

Is there a better way to format the drive through my Mac instead? What settings can a) make the drive read/writable for both platforms and b) possibly speed the file transfers up a bit above snail pace and c) avoid the 'hang'?

Thanks for any help you can give!