Sound In 9.1 boot



Whenever I use iTunes in X and then reboot into 9.1, My sound goes dead. I get a -201 error message when I try to play any system sound...Exasperating! as my solution thus far has been to clean install 9.1.
Sound works fine in OSX
Sound dead in classic

Any Ideas?


I am running 4k78 right now and when I switch back to OS 9, sound dissappears. Now this would be okay under two conditions:
1. DVD player was for OS X
2. Quicktime 5 was much better at processing! (gee it soo sucks, I try playing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (which I had to convert in order to make it work! from mpg to moov) the only thing sad in the movie is how slow it runs. In addition the Pro key for Quicktime 3/4 doesn't work anymore to allow presentations. piece of crud).

Thanks for pointing out it is iTunes causing the problem. I have iTunes X 1.1a1 and never would think it is the problem. hope that iTunes in the future will have a fix. BTW, anyone know if the rumors of a debug code slowing 4k78 are true? I mean it is a pain waiting 15 seconds for Carbon Apps to load and in addition having the cursor outrun the results in dragging it over the menu.

Solution Anyone?
PowerBook G3 400MHz Firewire, 192 MB Ram, Mac OS X 4k78.

Other: Palm Vx (anyone want it? 230 bucks w/ case (body glove) I want to get a m505 :))


I'm using 4k78 as well, and there are some strange things going on. I'm guessing as well that there is some debugging code in it. Classic isn't running all that well for me.
In 9.1 though I don't have too many quicktime issues. Every now and then a hiccup but that's really it.
And I can't seem to connect to the server. I can see it in the appletalk zone when I set up appletalk, but Appletalk network doesn't show up in the network connection.


I think I solved the sound problem. It happened again this time nothing worked. Finally after resetting the pram, rebuilding the desktop, clean install...went finally to a hard power reset. DID the TRICK! only thing I have to reset now is the time. I can live with that.
I can't be certain that this is a constant solution until it happens again. If it happens to you and this works. Let me know.