Sound in to OS X?


Official Bartender
OK, just got my lovely Griffin iMic to get sound into my TiBook (and out at a slightly better quality). It works lovely under 9.2, but only goes in one direction (ie out) in 10.1.

When I go to System Preferences > Sound, the iMic appears automatically in the drop-downs for 'Alerts' and 'Output', but there's no 'Input' tab.

Has anyone used one of these things successfully in X? I don't mind booting into OS9 to record stuff, but I'd rather not if I can help it...
i meant to put it in Troubleshooting, honest I did...

Anyhoo, done a bit of poking about, and it transpires that sound DOES come in via the iMic, it's just that there's no way of controlling it via Sound preferances or anywhere else. If you load up something that uses sound in (Sound Studio in this case), then it recognises the sound input signal. I guess that OS X must default to USB in or something.

Anyway, I'll have a play and then perhaps we're into my first How-to territory...