Sound Lost In Idvd


Recently my iDVD v5.0.1 application lost all sound capability. The themes do not play the associated soundtrack and the imported files in slide show views no longer emit any sound. This occurs in the editing mode or when previewing. When I look at the Media tab and select an iTunes file it tells me that the file is in an incompatible format and it will not apply the sound or play it using the small triangular PLAY button. The same result is obtained for .m4a, or .mp3 or other file formats as well.

It is as though the sound capability in iDVD is damaged. Is this possible?

I have tried to reinstall iDVD, but the iLife 5 package is only an upgrade and a reinstall, although successful, does not fix the problem. It is the same, with no sound. I have looked at going back to a base install of iDVD, but all of the earlier disks I have are for OS versions that dont allow you to load the installer because there is already a later version of OSX installed (I am running OSX 10.3.9).

All that I am trying to do is to re-burn a DVD project that I successfully created and burnt a week ago. This time the whole file and the whole application (any project I open) do not emit any sounds.

Any clues?