sound recording under OSX


Official Bartender
I'm looking into getting a Griffin iMic for my TiBook so I can start recording some bits and pieces, and was wondering if anyone had tried it at all.

First of all, does the iMic actually owrk under OSX? According to the website it IS compatible, but I'd prefer some reassurance from someone who's actually used it before I part with my hard-earned.

Second, what's the sound recording package of choice under OSX? According to VersionTracker, Soundstudio is OSX compatible and looks quite powerful, but all the screenshots I've seen have been OS9 interfaces rather than Aqua.
Are you talking professional recording or what? The professional apps (Peak, Protools, any audio/MIDI suite) won't be out in X for a while. Don't hold your breath.

I don't know anything about the iMic, but i hope it works because I'll need to get one soon!
...just enough to MP3 some of my vinyl, and maybe record a mix or two straight from my mixer (so I can cheat and edit out the mistakes!)