sound themes or is OSX surrounded by silence?


Is it just me or are the only noises OSX makes the alert sound and text to speech? whatever happened to the old sound themes from OS 8.5 to 9.1? Or am i just a total idiot? Is there a way to make processes have sound effects (such as emptying the trash) etc?


There's this constant low humming noise coming from my Mac. Also, Every once in a while, maybe after I hit save or something, there are several clicking noises. Is this a sound theme????:D :D :D


In all seriousness, I really do miss this feature and have commented to Apple's feedback site. Please do the same so maybe they'll listen to us in numbers...

I especially liked the HAL/2001 theme and the Star Trek one - "I'm givin 'er all she's got!"



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Well, I'm new to this forum, I guess for my first post...

I agree. I do miss the old clicks and zips and such of OS 8 and 9. :(

I hope they find their way home, and in a newer more Tranquil form (i.e. the sounds should be a little less Hard like a loud Click and instead a more soft sound.)

We'd need events for:

Menu Open
Menu Close
Menu Click
Menu Mouseover
Icon Select
Icon Deselect
Sheet Dropdown
Sheet go up
Button Mousedown
Button Mouseup
Button Click
Dock Icon Click
Delete item (Move to Trash)
Empty Trash
Minimize Window
Un-Minimize Window
Zoom Window
Resize Window
Moving Scroll Box

Maybe a Log in/Log out sound like Windows has. (Don't hate me cause I mentioned Windows. I come in peace as a Mac user with Windows experience.)

All the sounds should be optional by event, not just group like it was.

There's my first post..