Spaces Please



On the public beta I was using a "shareware" multiple desktops utility called Spaces. Now I can't find it for 10.0. I assume that it needs some updating. I miss it very much! Coming from the Unix world, this life with only one desktop is way too claustrophobic.

Does anybody know where the website is for Spaces? Is anyone using Spaces on 10.0?


Thank you thank you thank you both.

Software like this will help those of us who use X windows all day at work no longer cringe when we settle down to use our macs.

Thanks for the tip!

Thanks. I downloaded the new spaces and it did not work at all.... And I'm reading quotes from all these people that love it, so I'm thinking that this is a personal problem.

Then on 4/4, the Sourceforge website indicated a problem where spaces does not work on UFS filesystems. That'd be my problem. Too bad. I'll remain claustraphobic until this gets fixed.

Oh Well.
If you're feeling ambitious, you can fix Space.dock so that it works with UFS: In the Resources directory (inside the ".dock"), edit the name of the executable in Info.plist. Right now it reads "space". It should read "Space".

This change will appear in the next distribution which should appear some time next week.

Thank you, Sir/Maam/Whatever!

I am that ambitious, and that claustrophobic too. I edited .../Space_Dock/Space.dock/Contents/info.plist Found the offending lowercase "space" and capitalized it. I am now a man of many desktops!

I will remember you at Xmas! :)

Is there a keystroke combo (like: alt f1, alt f2 on Lunix for switching between workspaces) that can be used for this app on OS X? It would make this app. sooo much sweeter.

Thanks in advance.