Lately, when I log back in to my computer, my processors start winding up, slowing down and reapeating for at least a half hour. What I have discovered is that it is the starting, sucking up to 97% of the CPU, and then shutting down, then reapeating indefinitely. What I have found, is that this app is part of canon and epson scanner software that apparently monitors one-click buttons on the scanner. Is this all it does? If so, can I safely remove the app to solve the problem, or ... can someone tell me what the heck is going on with this app? Thanks.


PM G5 2.7 dual, 1GB RAM, OS 10.4.2, Epson 4990 PRO scanner and latest driver
Mac OS X 10.2 and later, Apple Image Capture uses a TWAIN software "bridge" (found in: /System/Library/Image Capture/Devices/ to access TWAIN Data Sources. This TWAINBridge software allows all Image Capture clients to access TWAIN devices transparently as if they were being handled by Image Capture native scanner drivers.

Check your Startup Items. If anything there for Epson or Canon, remove and restart and see how it is.