Speaking of file sharing...


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Interesting problem here, and I have a feeling it's a hardware related problem.

Here's the run-down.

Have my network running all OS X, and running smoothly. (Save the endless end-user complaints.)

Out of all 10 machines, only one gives me a problem with remote login.

I do the regular % ssh -l login

I get a reply of the hardware address of the ethernet card, and then a "Disconnecting: Bad packet length 1407934358."

That packet length always varies... can be -244, or the above number...

Not a big deal, just obnoxious.

Thanks all, twyg
Are all the machines running the same version of OS X? That error message looks suspiciously similar to one that I got when I was trying to use ssh between a RedHat Linux 7.1 installation and 10.0.4 - it went away when I upgraded to 10.1, however. I managed to fix the issue by using:

ssh -1 -l user_name machine_name

The '-1' forced it to use a specific protocol (you can also do '-2' I think).