Special Logins


From what I can tell, there are four special logins from the main login window:

>console - get to a command line console login prompt

>exit - causes the loginwindow process to exit, and eventually return (this can take quite a few seconds sometimes, but from what I've seen, it does come back)

>restart - restarts the machine

>power - full shutdown and poweroff
Do the restart and shutdown commands work even when the buttons are turned off? That could ruin the point of turning them off in the first place.

I really don't mind...I'm the only person who uses my system...
Just tried to see what happened, and ">restart" and ">power" are both disabled when the shutdown and restart buttons are disabled. It acts like you're actually trying to login as ">restart" or ">power" as a user, since it just moves to the password field.
You know, this would be a perfect place for someone to have hidden an Easter Egg.

Well, I checked the loginWindow executable and only found those four special logins embedded within. If someone made an Easter Egg out of it, they weren't stupid enough to leave it as plaintext. Bummer.

If you did a strings on the loginwindow executable, that's preceisely how I found those four...