spedding up safari


I have an a wireless internet connection thats about 5-10kbps and everyone that used my 12' powerbook always whine about how slow my internet is compared to other 56k (3kps connection), is there anyway to delete some sort of 'temporary internet files' or anything to speed up my safari.
go to safari menu, reset safari. it deletes cookies, history, and cache. also, you'll want to set the fonts folder as read-only. i forget how, but i'm sure someone will say.
Don't listen to scottfab. Bad advice.

Go to macupdate and search for safarispeed and safari enhancer. Tinkertool is also good.
With these, you can speed up the load time per page, deactivate your cache (which helps tremendously), deactivates your flavicon cache (which also helps).

If you have Autofill on, edit down Others to 10 or less and that should have Safari screaming. Also, if you're not on Tiger, get it. Safari 2.0 is faster than Firefox or other browsers out there right now.