Speech Preferences wont load


Anyone else have problems on 10.0.3 4p13 with speech preferences?

i try to get into speech prefs and the window loads, but the icon saying "loading speech preferecnes" is still there, and nothing is usable.

this either started up after i went to 10.0.3 or when i installed the IE 5.1.1 update...

I am using 10.0.3 and have the IE update installed, no problems with the speech recognition window. Could if have something to do with your sound card/microphone?

Was speech recognition in OS 9? It friggin rules!

heck, it worked before i applied ie update. not sure if i was usin it after 10.0.3 or not... but for sure it was workin on 10.0.1...

and now i cant use acrobat reader 5.0 either. this is beginnin to suck bigtime.

that combined with the looping flash problem is totally buggin me