Speed problems


Hello my mac running mac os x slows down after reformatting when I install both adobe photoshop and dreamweaver anybody know how to speed mac's up i only need my computer to web host using mamp and web design with adobe photoshop and dreamweaver but when those 3 are installed my mac slows down thnx in advance
What hardware are you using, what system version, what version of Adobe and Macromedia software? Did you apply all the available updates to any of the software you're using and PS and Dreamweaver are _two_ applications and you didn't say what and how exactly you've installed MAMP.

With the detail you're giving I can only say: Upgrade your RAM and get a faster harddrive...
How much ram do you have in your mac? Dreamweaver and Photoshop are real pigs. If you have 512 MB or less, I'd say forget it. Go get yourself to 1 Gig or better. What may be happening is your mac is using virtual memory while they are both running. That will definately slow down your box.