Speed up OSX 10 times faster than (Build 4L7) GUARANTEED!


In 4 EASY STEPS you can speed up OSX 10 times times faster than the 10.0.1 (bulid 4L7) Update.

Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Download Resedit
Step 2: Download an OSX MOSS for Mac OS9.1
Step 3: Install that OSX MOSS
Step 4: Restart your under OS 9.1

You now have OSX running up to 10 times faster than the Mac OSX 10.0.1 (build 4L7)...GUARANTEED!

Absolutely AMAZING Mike!

BUT WAIT THAT'S NOT ALL! You also get major headache relief, hairline recession verification, ulcer annulment and......and this is a big one, not one....that's right, not one but two...that's right I said two....two pro-rated refunds from your psychiatrist and/or therapist!

And this fix is GUARANTEED until Apple decides to stop ripping people off by selling this product.

I wish this post would have been pre-empted, and taken off of the ready list, now my unprotected memory is corrupted, and I might symmetrically seg-fault on multiple processors due to an ignorance-overflow error.
Good call, theed.

I for one wouldn't have gotten a Mac on March 24th if OS X hadn't existed. Mac OS 9 is so old and archaic under the hood, and though I do miss the elegance of the platinum feel, I <em>really</em> like the engine in my new Titanium.