One of the things that delayed my switch to OS X was discussion on this board and others like it on speed (or lack thereof). I am running a G3 350, and it runs like a scalded dawg! I did upgrade to a faster 7200 RPM HDD before installing. The drive Apple shipped with this iMac was a crappy 4400 RPM Quantum. That sped everything up a lot. I haven't had any of the slowdown that some of you have mentioned. My machine runs a lot smoother under X than it did under 9.0.4 or 9.1. I have no regrets of the upgrade.
The only problem I have had is I'm having to look elsewhere for MIDI sequencing. It is just not worth booting into 9 to run apps that won't run under classic. So everyone check out my post in Classifieds...I need an old mac BAD!!!
I would like to say, that I'm glad I found this fourm, everyone seems nice and helpful. I don't know how I'll be able to help with questions, but I'm sure I'll have a few of my own!!!
Later Guys,