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Remember Memory Requirements in OS9?

Any way I can devote more memory to an application in OSX? Got a couple I'd like to see workin faster.



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Ever since the introduction of Mac OS X this was removed as I believe that Mac OS X has it’s own memory management software that will automatically allocate the correct amount of memory to each application depending on what you’re demanding of it. If you need to make a program run faster, simply add more RAM to your system.


Yeah, basically what Veljo said. You could try to speed up stuff by running the 'System Optimization' with a progra like Cocktail. Don't know if that helps a lot though


OS X does not want you playing around with memory allocations or anything else to do with hardware for that matter as that threatens the inviolability of the memory allocated to an application. Virtual memory in OS X resembles that in OS 9 only in the name.

There is however a utility called Renicer that will allow you to tinker with the priority given to individual applications. Of course that means if you increase one application's priority that is at the expense of other applications currently running including the OS. So speeding one up will inevitably slow others down.

If you are comfortable with the Unix command line you can directly access the Unix "nice" command through the terminal without using Renicer. For more information type "man nice" (without the quotes) at the terminal command line.


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That said, Photoshop strangely has a setting for telling it how much memory to use... I guess many people don't even know about that setting and leave it at 50%, but I don't exactly know what PS _does_ with that setting. And what would happen if other apps would do the same. (Same old, same old?)


I think it's just Photoshop trying to play nicely with other applications. Given that it has the potential of eating up all the system memory and hogging all of it to itself, it's good that there is a sort of limit there that prevents it from completely taking over.

Of course if you are running only Photoshop and nothing else, it's kinda pointless to have half your memory unused.