Sping-loaded Folders


One of the things that I missed the most after moving from OS 9 to OS X was spring-loaded folders.

I don't miss them anymore!

I now drop my most used folders right onto my totally customizable Finder window toolbar, and now I suddenly have something better than spring-loaded folders! Not only do I find it EASIER than spring-loaded folders, but it's FASTER, as well!

Remember trying to move a file from your desktop or another folder by navigating your way down with spring-loaded folders, only to have to start over because you were doing it too quickly and you accidently moved outside a window...
Just drag to your toolbar and drop on the highlighted (cusotmizable) icon.

You don't don't have to navigate, you just do a single, simple, drag and drop without waiting for folder after folder to open.

You can even drag and drop to Docked folders!

I understand that some may still need spring-loaded folders because they may highly categorize files in numerous folders--and my suggestion won't be that easy for someone that has his/her pictures/docs... broken down into, say, ten or more category folders, but there is problably some way to accomplish that. We just need more time to discover...