spit my coffee out!

I think bill has experiments done on him.. injects him with drugs as part of his human cloning/immortality experiments. Gates wants to live forever, and Ballmer's the guinea pig.
you know what he reminded me of ???
It's a batman character, a bad guy called vain or bain lol :p He had that look on his face and in his eyes lol :p

--> By next week I will be using my kickass newton 2100!!!! (well that is unless I fried its innerds with all my power outlet experimenting :p ) <--
Just seen the video.

In the wake of non-increasing revenues (their business and employee income model) they need to do that to get motivated.


That man frightens me... :eek:

To me the Batman character,"Bane", seems like a huggable teddy bear compared to Steve Balmer... :D