Split the Dock!


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If Apple really wanted to be cutting edge... don't stop with moving the dock to one of 3 sides of the monitor (I could do that in Windows, thank you very much) why not make it SPLIT... so I can put some menu items on the right side, some on the bottom, and yet others on the left side. I have my new drop down menus in the upper right (10.1), my standard menu bar on the top... its like ONE BIG CLICKING SESSION... little group homes for icons and applications.
I think that this would be great. One dock for Docs, another for Apps, and an extra one for minmized windows. In the menu are processes like volume, airport and battery ect.

Thats efficiency:D
I guess what it comes down to is having the option to do whatever you want with the dock, whether that means position size, shape, number, ect.

We'll need to be patient, but as OS X grows from its orignial form, it will become more accomodating to users because it will provide us with options that will let us outfit the OS to our of tastes and habits.
more important than different placement is different sizes. you could have docklings & minimized windows at max. size so you could actually see them, and your launcher area smaller, or set to autohide to save space.
Good point. All too often I find myself trying to remember what order I minimized my windows in, so that it will be easier to identify them. On my iBook's 800x600 screen trying to determine a window by fingernail is futile. Too bad i have only one screen. One fact reamins, the dock is full of unexplored possiblilities.
Another idea: with all of the extra screen real estate why not actually list the window's name underneath the fingernail?
Multiple docks eh ???
I like it! Gimme gimme gimme! :)


PS: Any more news on language support ???
I had another idea:

I was thinking that mutiple docks is problably on the back burner for apple because the pro desktop section is not huge, and there is an even smaller number using multiple screens, so apple problably wants to finish features that all users can use first. BUT, what if there was a next gen-powerbook with two screens that fold out, like those concept ones with the fold out speakers. That would be a really professional laptop, and it would increase the share of users with multiple screens.

too cool! I'd love it. How about just a keyboard and some lcd-glasses.....

multi-headed laptop.... I want one!!!!!
I want to be able
to make more than 2 different docks with autohide
and meanwhile
one little dock in the menubar with items I want to be adressable al the time.

That way I can find my own optimum between screen space and ease of use.