Splitting Question !


Paul Dunlop
I have a 20GB hard drive in me G4 ! It's got about 11GB left thanx to a big clearout I did the other day. Anyway......I want to partition the drive into a 12 GB and a 8GB one for OS 9 and one for OS 10. How do I do it without re-initalising. Is there some product out there that lets me do it safely and reliably ?!

Thanx in advance,

If you are talking about partitioning a drive without wiping it, I don't know that its possible. I wish it were. Anyone out there know if there's a utility that does this?
I have a G4 w/ 20GB drive as well. I only have a zip drive and about 2 or 3 zip disks. Thats not nearly enough to back up my drive. I plan to get OS X beta soon, and I am aprehensive about installing it over OS9.
I don't know that there is any utility that allows you to do it with more than 3 partitions, but by first optimizing the disk with Norton (using the old scheme: making free space only on one side of the disk) and using Hard Disk ToolKit I once managed to squeeze a partition on the drive without having to initialize it before, and it worked. However, you would still be taking big risks...
I bit the bullet and spent almost all of yesterday reformatting and partitioning my hard drive for OSX. it took a while to download and reinstall everything, but now i'm glad i'm ready, and 8.6 (i don't have 9, hence the need for the partitioning) seems to run faster without all the clutter i used to have. extensions and such.

on the pc, this isn't a problem. there's a great utility called partition magic that autosizes new partitions. i hope something like this comes out for OSX, because it's a cool way to add a little 2Gb Linux partition or such.