Spontaneous Reboot


Back in 2002 someone posted a message about their Mac OSX server rebooting for no apparent reason. I have 2 PPC G5 servers running dual 2Ghz CPU's with 4 Gig of Ram each. OS vs is 10.3.9 and I am up to date with updates.

My watchdog timer is enabled but the log shows only that it has started 4 child services and that it is enabled. Nothing really suspicious and certainly doesn't coorelate to the times it reboots with regards to any Apple updates.

System log shows nothing either.

Has anyone run into this or heard more about it?

I know I haven't given alot of info so please ask and/or suggest things to look at.

I dealt with something similar a few years back, but not sure if its the same thing.

Is the computer restarting randomly? No pattern? Does it reboot when you mount new drives or removable media?
Hi... not an expert by any means, but our older G4 server was doing the same thing very frequently until I turned off auto-updates... happens very seldom now... but it seemed to do an auto rebot after something froze... bad memory may point to times when Activity Monitor was left open... running 10.3.3 on that server right now... afraid to update cuz its been relatively stable...

we have also had to endure power-outs while not in the building and even with a bulked up APC Smart-UPS we still sometimes do not outlast the 30 minutes of shutdown... over the years our RAM has probably taken a hit as well... I'm thinking this may have been a problem as well with our auto-unsolicitted-restarts...

touaching real wood... our G5 dual 2.5 has not experienced this problem to date!

spf said:
I know I haven't given alot of info so please ask and/or suggest things to look at.


Are both mac's having the same problem ? Mostly it has a common cause, either hardware or software. Is all memory from the same lot ? Decrease memory. Split the systems (over 2 upsses at least if not already) in power groups.

If they are the same system (equal model), maybe e.g. the power supply might sometimes run into trouble (week model, overheating etc. maybe).

Good luck, Kees